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From Paula Yablonski’s email dated September 6, 2014


Anthem changed the definition of the eye exam covered under the medical plan beginning in October, 2011. It went into effect for our plan January 1, 2014. PPACA requires that medical plans cover a preventive eye exam, and basically defines that eye exam as the reading of the eye chart. At that point Anthem changed their plans to comply with PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, aka Health Care Reform, more commonly referred to as ObamaCare).

(Note from Eric-Basically as I mentioned yesterday. The eye exam service we were used to receiving has been “re-defined” and consequently, level of benefit greatly reduced).



Dr. Hall and Dr. Volck are both in the top 15. Shannon Ford, our SDC account manager, reached out to their recruitment team and was told that both providers terminated contracts and indicated they were not going to participate in ANY networks. Apparently Dr. Volck indicated he is going to focus his practice on “mini dental implant services” so I am not sure your members will be utilizing him at the same level going forward.